fr. tri dinh, sj

Fr. Tri (or “Cha Tri”) serves as Director of Christus Ministries. He lives in Culver City and hangs out with Jesuit Novices (those in their first years of training) when he’s not traveling to consult parishes, conduct retreats, conferences, and workshops on Ignatian spirituality, leadership, and community formation. He doesn’t love the outdoors that much because he only hikes Half Dome every other year—you know that big-o rock in the middle of Yosemite. Fr. Tri is passionate about avoiding LA traffic at all cost. But he is even MORE passionate about connecting people with God, especially young adults on the fringes.


Jaclyn joins Christus Ministries after eight years of teaching. She is taking a leap of faith, leaving campus ministry and teaching at Serra High School in Gardena, California to follow her desire to help create a welcoming home in the Church for young adults.  Her passions include corny jokes, watching chick flicks, cooking and spending time with family and friends.  Although she has loved serving teenagers, she is excited and humbled to have the opportunity to work with young adults. Jaclyn "Jack-of-All-Trades" is helping the Christus Ministries team in many areas, particularly growing its administration structure and infrastructure (i.e. geek-out about Salesforce, Mailchimp, Facebook, Squarespace and other communication gadgets). 

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thithoa ton

ThiThoa Ton joins Christus Ministries after teaching elementary and junior high students for eight years at inner-city, Los Angeles Catholic Schools. She developed a good appetite for visual aesthetics through volunteering on Caritas Retreats. She lays the smack down when it comes to creating ‘organic spaces’ and anything requiring attention to details.  When ThiThoa’s not coordinating events or offering administrative support, she could be found going to the park or zoo with her nieces, Alana & Rylan.  ThiThoa is honored to not only help create physical spaces with Christus Ministries, but also spiritual spaces for young adults to encounter God more fully and deeply.

jen coito

After 7 years of hard labor for the California Province of Jesuits, Jennifer Coito has become the “strategist” of Christus Ministries. Through her work in Christian Life Community and university ministry, Jen encountered countless young adults searching for a home in the Church. Not only has Jen helped Fr. Tri founded Christus Ministries, she continues to architect strategies to help bridge young families and the Catholic Church. Jen’s 4 year-old son Paul and her 2 year-old daughter Clare have an All-Access Pass to any Christus Ministries events where they are personally escorted by their bodyguard/mother. Jen hopes to build the kind of Church where Paul and Clare continue to find a home in the next 20 years.



Tam has been coordinating Christus Ministries’ Caritas retreats since 2013. She dedicated over 15 years in New York City and Los Angeles as an asset management financial trader, K-1 teacher, and managing her own lifestyle photography business. She enjoys reading, writing, and anything creative and outdoors. She values presence, meaningful conversations, and quality time with her family and friends. A native Angeleno, Tam lives in Westchester, California where she engages in staring contests with her 2 year-old daughter, Ollie, and long walks with her husband, Greg, and dog, Hachi. Her nickname betrays a rare combination of compassionate presence, corporate effectiveness, and thoughtfulness that impacts everything she does.