Pope Francis has called and modeled that the Catholic Church should be a Church of “the poor and for the poor.” Each of us has the opportunity to build this Church through our daily decisions. There are thousands of organizations doing great work all over the world. Listed below are a few we have chosen to partner with or promote. Learn more about how you can engage critical issues through prayer, service, and action.

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Building “Homes” across borders

Casa Building is a weekend immersion opportunity to befriend and learn from God’s poor in Tijuana, Mexico live more simply, build a home for a needy family, visit a shelter for migrant men, and learn about border issues. It provides space for participants to serve alongside others in the Christian Life Community, Caritas, and Christus families while immersing in another culture, stretching one's comfort zones, learning about oneself and others, while being open to God’s grace in new, life-giving ways.

“We are not simply building houses ... we are building a community in Christ ... something greater." – Alex


Help end world hunger by 2025. Join Caritas Internationalis (Catholic Charities), active in 200 countries, to fight hunger individually, nationally, and internationally.


Exposes and combats issues around modern day slavery and human trafficking. Get involved to protect and advocate for some of the most vulnerable in our community.


Over 100 million Christians were persecuted worldwide in 2014, a historic level and rising. Pope Francis is calling an end to this. Also visit Persecution.org to learn, pray, and act.


Builds a community of hope for high-risk, formerly gang-involved men and women to desire to be transformed in their lives through job-training.

Jesuit Restorative Justice Initiative

Creates communities of faith and healing as a step in breaking the cycle of violence through prayer, education, and advocacy.


Offers information and action items around issues of justice, immigration, and human rights that are of interest to people moved by the charism of St. Ignatius.