Building a Community in Christ

“I am overwhelmed with the many graces I have encountered throughout the Casa Building Trip. I am blessed to have encountered the face of Christ through so many people from this trip.

There is so much to learn from the people of El Florido. Some of the “houses” they live in are merely pieces of plywood put up into four walls with metal sheets as a roof. Yet, their lives are still filled with so much love, hope, and a strong sense of community. I was fortunate enough to be able to share and witness the richness of their lives throughout the weekend. Neighbors were present to help the family build their new home. All the children came together at the community center to play soccer. When we asked the children, “In what ways can we love God,” they responded saying, “By loving everyone.” Through the way the people of El Florido welcomed our CLC community, I was able to experience the profound love they have for God.

Through the simple action of laying down a foundation for their homes, a family’s dream of a safe and comfortable home materializes. It is a beautiful, humbling moment to be able to share with the families. Through the Build a Miracle organization, it also means a promise of education for their children. All this brings them so much hope for the future. I am excited for the possibilities of what can happen for these families through one change in their lives.

This is only a glimpse of my experiences of the weekend. So much happened throughout the trip—from building a foundation for a house, to meeting deported migrant workers, to spending time with orphans. Each giving me eye-opening experiences that change the way I see people and the world around me. Although activities were so different, there was one common theme that resonates within me: “We are not simply building houses; together we are building a community in Christ.” By being in community with everyone this weekend, I feel that, through the grace of God, we were able to build something greater than we will ever know.”

Reflected by Alex Phan